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The Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Development and Leadership is designed to meet a growing need within the metropolitan work environment to enhance the understanding of people and the way they interact in the marketplace. The program seeks to expand upon the work experience of the student through the application of classical and innovative approaches to the coordination of human resources. To accomplish this, a curriculum has been designed which entails a synthesis of psychology, sociology, and communications based within a strong liberal arts tradition. Specific objectives include the application of social science and leadership theory to the solution of organizational problems, to understand the critical relationship between individuals and organizations as they work towards a common goal, to analyze the motives, personalities, and behavior of others in organizations, to think critically and to communicate effectively both in speech and writing, to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to do organizational research and apply these research skills towards enhancing effective management and employer relationships, to develop an awareness of ethical issues and problems within organizations, and to use ethical means to solve them.

Organizational Development and Leadership majors are required to select the GER/GEP mathematics requirement MAT 101-102. The first semester of mathematics must be satisfied before taking PSY 211.