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Modern and Classical Languages

Professors: Marsilio

Associate Professors: Burr, Ewald, Faccini, Giuli, Hennes

Assistant Professors: Buckley (Department Coordinator), Daniel (Chair), Grimes, Nikoloutsos, Shenk

Visiting Instructors: Caballero, Manghisi, Recio, Yu

Instructor/Spanish Language Program Coordinator: Zmurkewycz


In an increasingly complex, interdependent world community, the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures takes seriously its responsibility to help students become articulate, knowledgeable and culturally aware global citizens in accordance with the values and traditions of Saint Joseph’s University and the Society of Jesus. We actively pursue this mission by:

  • fostering language proficiency
  • promoting an appreciation for the richness and complexity of language
  • deepening students’ understanding of cultural diversity
  • encouraging student engagement in active, collaborative, critical learning
  • emphasizing learner-centered pedagogy and care for the individual

All language and literature courses are offered in the target language, except as otherwise noted.

Art/Literature through Modern and Classical Languages in the GER/GEP (See Curricula)

Students who wish to satisfy the Literature/Fine Arts portion of the University Distribution component of the GER/GEP by completing a course in Modern and Classical Languages should select one of the following:


CHN 310

Selections in Chinese Literature


FRE 310

Introduction to Literary Analysis

FRE 330

France: Medieval to Early Modern

FRE 331

France: Enlightenment to Today

FRE 402

French Theater in Practice

FRE 410

The French Novel

FRE 412

Telling Tales: Short Narratives in the Francophone Literature

FRE 413

French Poetry

FRE 414

The French Essay

FRE 421

Love and Desire in Medieval French Literature

FRE 422

Making Our Voices Heard: French Women Writers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

FRE 427

The Age of Louis XIV

FRE 434

French Romanticism

FRE 437


FRE 438

20th Century French Theater

FRE 462

Contemporary Francophone Cinema

FRE 470

Topics in French [when appropriate]


GRM 305

The Faust Legend

GRM 309

Civilization and Culture

GRM 310

Selections in German Literature

GRM 320

Contemporary German Cinema

GRM 401

Medieval German Literature

GRM 402

From German Enlightenment to Realism

GRM 403

From Bismarck to Hitler: German Texts, Politics and Culture 1871-1945

GRM 404

Modernity in the Literature of the Early 20th Century

GRM 405

Literature of German-Speaking Countries: 30s to Present

GRM 406

Phantoms, Spirits and the Uncanny: The Fantastic in German Literature from Romanticism to the Present

GRM 470

Topics in German [when appropriate]


ITA 306

The Roman Experience

ITA 310

Dalla lettura alla creatività: Texts, Contexts and Style in Italian Literature

ITA 315

Italy through Art

ITA 340

Italian Culture and Civilization

ITA 360

Modern Italian Culture

ITA 365

Italian Society and the Media

ITA 380

Italian Journeys: From Marco Polo to the Age of Mass Tourism

ITA 402

L’italiano al cinema: from Post-Neorealism to the Present

ITA 420

From Novel to Film: From Italian Unification to the Present

ITA 425

The Artist and the Madman in the Renaissance and Reformation

ITA 430

Images of Rome in Literature and Film: From Papal Rome to Present

ITA 435

Rebels, Revolutionaries, and Romantics: Italian Literature and Society from the Baroque to Risorgimento (1600-1850)

ITA 440

Profane and Sacred Love in Medieval and Renaissance Literature

ITA 445

The Medici Court: Poetry, Patronage and the Art of Power

ITA 455

Women’s Voices in Twentieth Century Italian Fiction

ITA 460

Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio and the Dawn of the Renaissance


JPN 310

Selections in Japanese Literature


LIN 101

Introduction to Linguistics


SPA 310

Introduction to Literatures of the Spanish-Speaking World

SPA 356

Spain: Study Tour

SPA 410

From the Old World to the New in Hispanic Literature

SPA 411

From the Modern World to the Present in Hispanic Literature

SPA 430

Narratives of European Exploration and Conquest in America

SPA 420

Major Latin-American Authors

SPA 421

De Brujas, Náufragos y Sicarios: Short Modern Latin American Novel and Film

SPA 422

Culture, Dictatorship, and Exile in the Latin-American Southern Cone: 1973-85

SPA 423

Latin-American Modern Short Story

SPA 424

The Discourse of Latin American Modernity (Poetry)

SPA 425

Imagery of the Conquest: Indigenous and Mestizo Perspectives of the Conquest

SPA 441

Love, Courtship and Violence in Medieval Literature

SPA 442

Passions of the Heart and the Soul in Imperial Spain

SPA 443

Staging Gender, Sexuality and Social Conflict in Spain’s Golden Age

SPA 444

Heroes, Villains, Rogues and Saints in Don Quijote

SPA 445

The Literary Spain of Ignatius of Loyola

SPA 446

Romanticism and Realism: Heroes, Angels, and Villains in Nineteenth Century Spanish Literature

SPA 447

The Generation of 1898 and Modernismo: The Old World and the New

SPA 448

The Posguerra Generation: Repression and Retaliation

SPA 449

Spanish Literature and Film

SPA 450

Spain into the 21st Century: Twenty-five Years of Democracy

SPA 455

Women in Spanish Literature: Literature by and about Women in the Spanish-Speaking World

SPA 456

Women’s Voices in 20th Century Spanish and Latin American Fiction

SPA 470

Topics in Spanish (when appropriate)