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Master of Science—Concentration in Federal Law Enforcement

This program provides background, foundation and advanced knowledge of law enforcement at the federal level. The specialized courses develop the necessary cognitive skills and methodologies including critical thinking, analytical reasoning, legal application, and professional writing to support interdiction, investigation, prosecution, and post conviction of federal crimes. Students will be prepared for positions throughout the federal criminal justice system including investigation, inspector general, prosecution support, various correctional roles, and uniform divisions.

Core courses (four required, as specified under Degree Requirements)

Required concentration courses

CRJ 633

Federal Criminal Justice

CRJ 634

Federal Criminal Law & Prosecution

Specialized area courses (select any two listed below)

CRJ 635

White Collar Crime

CRJ 636

Federal Search and Seizure

CRJ 637

Forensic Financial Analysis

CRJ 638

Drugs: Threats, Laws, and Strategies

CRJ 639

Organized Crime: Targets and Strategies

CRJ 640

Terrorism: Threats and Strategies

CRJ 641

Homeland Security

Electives (two required)

Selected from any Criminal Justice courses with the following recommendations. Students interested in investigative positions should consider courses from the specialized area courses and/or the Law Enforcement Intelligence and Crime Analysis concentration. Students interested in federal probation, parole, corrections, or pre-trial services should select courses from the Probation, Parole, and Corrections concentration and may substitute one additional course for one of the specialized area courses.