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Master of Science—Concentration in Criminology

The concentration in criminology is specifically designed for those students interested in the theoretical rather than the applied aspect of criminal justice. The program is directed toward those who wish to pursue careers in the academic field or who intend to continue into doctoral programs in criminal justice, criminology, law, or sociology.

Core courses (four required, as specified under Degree Requirements)

Specialized area courses (select any four listed below)

CRJ 601

Law and Social Policy

CRJ 627

Contemporary Criminology: Scope and Application

CRJ 628


CRJ 629

Violence and Victims

CRJ 615

Youth Cultures and Deviance

CRJ 630

Gender, Crime, and Justice

CRJ 651

Restorative Justice: Theory

CRJ 631

Criminal Jurisprudence

CRJ 632

Crime and Urban Communities

CRJ 619

Foundations of Addiction for Criminal Justice Professionals

CRJ 617

Mental Health and the Law

CRJ 655

Inside/Out: Exploring Crime and Justice Behind Bars

Electives (two required)

Selected from any Criminal Justice courses.

Students who plan to continue their studies in a Ph.D. program are urged to do a masters thesis. See course CRJ 793 for details.