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Professors: Lord, Solomon

Associate Professors: Allan (Chair), Phillips, Smith, Wood

Assistant Professors: Burkhalter, Kelley, Shen, Tryce

Lecturer: Falgiatore


The Marketing Department of Saint Joseph’s University provides an innovative, forward-thinking and creative environment dedicated to the Haub School of Business vision of breadth, depth, and wholeness in education. We attempt to achieve breadth by offering students both a wide range of perspectives on what constitutes successful marketing as well as a broad selection of programs designed to prepare students for a variety of careers; depth by offering meaningful, practical education in specific topics of study; wholeness by offering an educational experience for the whole student, including a strong emphasis on social responsibility in marketing, consistent with the Ignatian tradition.

For its students, the Marketing Department provides a rigorous education in the theory and practice of marketing while also providing opportunities to more thoroughly investigate a particular aspect of the field so that our students can succeed and thrive in today’s ever changing and challenging global marketplace. Students are our primary customers and are active partners in this educational process.

For society, the Marketing Department is committed to educating students so that they may become men and women for others. We believe that successful marketing should reflect a fundamental concern for its impact on and relevance to underrepresented groups and communities.

For its business partners, the Marketing Department prepares students who have received a solid educational grounding combined with a social responsibility perspective. These students are expected to provide their employers with strong critical thinking skills as well as expertise in a given area of study.

For its own faculty, the Marketing Department offers numerous opportunities for professional and academic advancement. We have a high standard of professional, ethical, and academic rigor in all of our work.


The Marketing Department offers students a variety of programs allowing them to build a solid foundation in core Marketing concepts as well as probe their interest in specialized fields. Two degrees are available: a B.S. in General Marketing and a B.S. in Sports Marketing.

For students who are majoring in other subjects within the Haub School of Business or in the College of Arts & Sciences, certain courses (as described below) may count towards minor requirements in:

  • Advertising & Public Relations
  • Entertainment Marketing
  • General Marketing
  • Music
  • Sports Marketing