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Claire A. Simmers, Ph.D., Chair


The business environment is a complex and dynamic system, demanding a variety of approaches encompassing diversified fields of knowledge. Such an eclectic and multiform combination of interests requires a commonality of goal to maintain a cohesive identity. In the Department of Management, this uniform goal is remarkably simple: to provide the base of theory and principles that can be systematically applied in a variety of settings to effect successful administration.

In concert with the Ignatian vision of intellectual excellence informed by conscience, our mission as the Department of Management is to develop leaders who have broad, value-oriented perspective, and who are able to integrate many dimensions of organizations—behavioral, cultural, economic, environmental, ethical, historical, international, legal, and structural—in making balanced and responsible decisions that affect their organizations, their stakeholders, and themselves.

Majors under the Department of Management include: International Business, Family Business and Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Ethics and Organizational Sustainability, Managing Human Capital, and Business Administration.