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Graduate Arts and Sciences Programs

William Madges, Ph.D., Dean

Sabrina DeTurk, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Executive Director

Jeanne F. Brady, Ph.D, Associate Dean of Education

Through its graduate programs in Arts and Sciences, Saint Joseph’s University educates and develops people who wish to transform society through service to others. The objective of these studies is fourfold: to develop a high level of competence in a specific area of study; to foster the ability to think with clarity and to deal with problems effectively and responsibly; to cultivate a sensitive, discerning, moral judgment; and to appreciate and apply ethical principles appropriate to a particular discipline.

In the momentous task of educating people for the future, Saint Joseph’s University renews the age-old ideal of a community of learners marked by close interpersonal relationships at all levels, a community of mutual respect and free discourse within the framework of Christian values and commitment.

Higher education, within the Catholic, Jesuit tradition, serves the community, the nation, and the world by producing discerning, knowledgeable citizens; and, to this end, the University will continue to develop its curriculum and philosophy to meet these needs. Further, the College of Arts and Sciences, in its graduate programs, will explore alternative pedagogies and delivery methods to provide an appropriate teaching and learning environment for a diverse population of twenty-first century students.