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Gerontological Services

Contact: Nakia Henderson, M.S., Graduate Director, Department of Health Services

110 Post Hall, 610- 660-2952,

Catherine S. Murray, Ph.D., Director, Graduate Gerontological Services Program,

The Gerontological Services program is designed to train or retrain a broad range of qualified personnel to meet the varied and changing needs of the elderly population. The growing population of older persons, both in Pennsylvania and in the nation, requires additional trained personnel capable of working with or on behalf of the aged.

Current social concerns acknowledge the need to increase understanding of the broader dimensions of aging, as well as services provided to the growing elderly population in the society. The Gerontological Services program attempts to address these needs by providing practitioners and students opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills for work in the field of aging.

Following a core program dealing with fundamental biologic, psychologic, and social principles of adult development and aging, students elect an area of concentration focusing either on issues related to the planning, development, and administration of programs for older persons (Human Services Administration option) or on the acquisition of skills and techniques used in assessing and counseling older persons (Gerontological Counseling option).

Admission Requirements and Procedures

Applicants for admission to the Gerontological Services program must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.

Applicants should submit or have sent to the Office of Graduate Operations the following:

  • a completed Saint Joseph’s University graduate application.
  • official sealed transcript(s) of undergraduate/graduate coursework. If you are a SJU graduate the Office of Graduate Operations will obtain your SJU transcripts for you.
  • a current resumé
  • two letters of recommendation from faculty appraising the candidate’s promise and capacity for graduate study, and assessing, from a professional’s point of view, the candidate’s ability to pursue a rigorous, independent course of study at the graduate level.
  • a personal statement outlining the candidate’s professional goals and educational objectives for the program, including the applicant’s rationale for program choice and area of professional study.
  • $35 application fee – waived if attended an Open House or an SJU graduate.