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Foreign Languages and Literatures

Robert R. Daniel, Ph.D., Chair

The general objectives of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures are:

  • To give students an opportunity to acquire some experiential knowledge of at least one foreign culture through the medium of its own language, thereby gaining some insight into the rich linguistic and cultural variety of the human family.
  • To give students some appreciation of the peculiar genius of at least one foreign literature through carefully selected readings.
  • To deepen the students’ awareness and understanding of the structure of language in general and of the structure of their own language by having a point of comparison.
  • To contribute to students’ general liberal education by giving it a broader human dimension, encompassing some appreciation of the human experience outside the students’ immediate culture.


  • Foreign students, whose native language is not English, are required to take ESL 201and ESL 202, Composition and Critical Thinking for Non-Native Speakers of English, in their first two semesters and achieve a grade of C or better to continue to ENG 100, Communication Skills. ESL 201 and ESL 202 will satisfy the General Education Requirement in foreign language if taken as stated above, i.e., before any other course in English.
  • Program at Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada.—This program is available during the summer months at any level of French. A student earns up to six credits upon completion of the five weeks course of study.
  • Foreign language courses in College of Professional and Liberal Studies are cycled:

    French: Fall and Spring Semesters

    Italian: Summer I and Summer II

    Sign Language: Fall and Spring Semesters

    Spanish: Fall, Spring Summer I & Summer II