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European Studies

Director: Buckley

The European Studies Program offers both a major concentration and a certificate program. The major draws upon two traditional strengths of the College of Arts and Sciences: history and foreign languages. It aims to provide a sound basis in the study of European history and a useful proficiency in one of the major continental European languages. The concentration gives both students and faculty the opportunity to explore European history on the foundation of the knowledge of a continental European language and culture.

For students majoring in economics, English, Fine and Performing Arts, French, German, History, Italian, International Marketing, Philosophy, Political Science, and Theology, the certificate program aims to integrate in a coherent way courses dealing with European culture, thought, and history. Emphasis is placed on competence in a continental European language through course work and proficiency testing in the senior year.

Courses taken to satisfy requirement of the program may also serve to satisfy GEP, major and elective requirements, as appropriate. Students completing program requirement will be awarded a Certificate in European Studies