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Professors: Bookman, Prendergast (Emeritus)

Associate Professors: Dragonette, Fox, Liebman (Chair)

Assistant Professor: Pardo, Balasubramaniam

Visiting Assistant Professor: Burke

Lecturers: Heron, Hionis,Kelly, Mallowe, Ostick, Savelloni, Zech


In its introductory courses the Economics Department tries to give students an appreciation of the way economists view the world and some acquaintance with the economist’s techniques for analyzing problems. It strives to produce persons who will be informed and valuable participants in public and private decision-making.

Beyond that, the Department endeavors to offer a sufficient range of upper division courses so that students with a variety of intellectual and after-graduation career plans might be able to select a set of courses that matches individual interests and provides an appropriate preparation for individual careers. Department advisors will help students select the best assortment of courses for those going into graduate training in economics and business, to law school, and for those going into employment in business, not-for-profit enterprises, or government.