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Decision & System Sciences [Business Intelligence - BI]

Professors: Herschel (Chair), Klimberg, Robak (Emeritus)

Associate Professors: Gupta, Malhotra, Miori

Assistant Professors: Kim, Mendoza,Yi

Visiting Instructors: Boyle, Campbell, Clements

Lecturer: Belisari, Weismer, Wood

Administrative Assistant: Lois Archibald


The Business Intelligence Major provides the student with in-depth knowledge and expertise about how data, analytics and technology can be used to enhance organizational sense making, decision-making, and performance. BI courses teach students a set of skills that are useful to any discipline or field of employment that values effective fact-based decision-making. Business Intelligence analysts help their organization to better understand data so that it can better identify and react to new opportunities or threats. BI applications and techniques commonly used by organizations include data and text mining, business performance management, performance benchmarking, dashboards, and predictive analytics. BI plays a critical role in customer relationship management, supply chain management and operations, human resources management, finance and accounting analyses, and security and fraud detection. BI is valued and employed extensively in both the public and private sectors of the economy.

The Business Intelligence Minor is designed to enhance the analytical and decision-making skills of students majoring in other business disciplines or in Arts & Sciences programs.