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Computer Science

Director: George J. Grevera, Ph.D.

Barbelin 213, 610 660-1535,

The program is intended to provide a comprehensive approach to advanced study in computer science. It also prepares the student to hold a variety of professional and technical positions in all areas of computer science.

Typical graduates will find employment in industry/business; in research and development, computer software development, computer security, state-of-the-art graphics and animation technologies, the Internet, e-commerce, and Web and database technologies. Many students also pursue Ph.D.’s as well

Admission Requirements and Procedures

Application to the program does not require a GMAT test, as assessment is based on examining the applicants’ transcripts. There is also no minimum GPA required. Applicants should have the following undergraduate preparation:

Computer Science

The equivalent of the following courses currently required in the undergraduate Computer Science program:

CSC 120

Computer Science I

CSC 121

Computer Science II

These courses use the Java programming language; comparable programming experience in an object oriented language such as C++ or C# is acceptable.


The equivalent of the following courses in an undergraduate Mathematics or Computer Science program.

MAT 226

Linear Algebra

CSC 150

Discrete Structures

New students will be required to take a placement examination in these subjects. Students who are deficient in these requirements must take and earn (without graduate credit) a grade of B in the appropriate courses.

Application Procedures

Applicants should submit or have sent to the Office of Graduate Operations the following:

  • a completed Saint Joseph’s University graduate application.

  • official sealed transcript(s) of undergraduate/graduate coursework. If you are a SJU graduate the Office of Graduate Operations will obtain your SJU transcripts for you.

  • two letters of recommendation appraising the candidate’s promise and capacity for graduate study, reflecting, from a professional’s point of view, the candidate’s ability to pursue a rigorous, independent course of study at the graduate level.

  • a personal statement outlining the candidate’s professional goals and educational objectives for the program, including the applicant’s rationale for program choice and professional study.

  • $35 application fee – waived if attended an Open House or an SJU graduate.

Program Options

Students may choose to graduate with an:

  • M.S. degree in computer science: General Option, or

  • M.S. degree in computer science: Concentration Option