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CLA 202 Classical Epic: Gods and Heroes in Homer and Virgil (3 credits)

We will engage in reading, discussion and analysis of the Greek epic poems of Homer (Iliad and Odyssey), Hesiod (Works and Days), and the Roman epic of Virgil (Aeneid). We will consider important questions and topics arising from a reading of Homer, such as the identity of the poet and his society, his depiction of Late Bronze Age "heroic" values, the "oral" and "formular" nature of Homeric language, Homeric theology, Mycenaean civilization and the historical/archaeological evidence for the Trojan War. We will then consider Hesiod's response to Homer's warrior society and values in his Works and Days, and Virgil's reshaping of Homeric epic conventions and promotion of Augustan policy and ideals in his Aeneid. Fulfills the Art/Literature requirement of the GER/GEP.