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Rev. C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J. ’72

Senior Vice President

John Smithson, 68' MBA 82'

Assistant Vice President

Sarah F. Quinn, M.B.A.

Executive Assistant

Helene Taylor, B.A.

General Counsel

Marianne Schimelfenig, Esq.

Affirmative Action Officer

Sharon O’Grady Eisenmann, M.S.

Academic Affairs


Brice R. Wachterhauser, Ph.D

Associate Provost for Enrollment Management

John Haller, M.B.A.

Assistant Provost, Enrollment, Admissions

Maureen Mathis, M.Ed.

Student Records & Financial Services, Executive Director

Maureen O'Mara Carver, M.S

Executive Director, Enrollment Management, Systems Analytics

Robert McBride,M.A.

University Registrar

Paul O. Kleschick, M.Ed., M.B.A.

Financial Assistance, Director

Eileen Tucker, M.B.A.

Student Success and Retention, Director

Kim Allen Stuck, Ph.D.

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Jeanne F. Brady, Ph.D.

Associate Dean

Nancy Fox, Ph.D.

Associate Dean

Michael McCann, Ph.D.

Associate Dean

Paul Aspan, Ph.D.

Associate Dean

John J. Vacca Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Executive Director for Graduate Arts and Sciences

Sabrina DeTurk, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, College of Professional and Liberal Studies

Patricia Griffin M.A..

Health Professions Advisory Committee, Chair

Constance O’Hara, A.B.

University Pre-Law Advisor

Francis Graham Lee, Ph.D.

Post Graduate Scholarships, Director

Brent Smith, Ph.D.

Dean of the Haub School of Business

Joseph DiAngelo, Jr., Ed.D.

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Stephen Porth, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Patrick O’Brien, M.S.

Associate Dean

Vana M. Zervanos, M.B.A.

Director, M.B.A. Program

Christine Hartmann, M.B.A.

Director, Haub Degree Completion Program

Jeanine N. Guerra, J.D.

Academy of Food Marketing, Administrator

Robert R. Higgins


Harry H. Francis, III, M.A.

International Programs, Director

Thomas Kesaris, B.A.

University Librarian

Evelyn C. Minick, M..L.S.

Public Services, Head

Anne Krakow, M.L.S.

Scholarly Press, Director

Carmen Croce, A.B.


Vice President for Mission

E. Springs Steele, Ph.D.

Director of Campus Ministry

Thomas Sheibley, M.A.

Director of Institutional Diversity

Valerie Dudley, Ph.D.

Student Life

Vice President for Student Life/Associate Provost

Cary Anderson, Ed.D.

Director of Campus Recreation

Corey Shannon, M.Ed.

Assistant Vice President for Student Development

Mary-Elaine Perry, Ed.D.

Executive Director, Career Development

Trish Shafer

Director of Counseling & Psychological Services

Gregory Nicholls, Ph.D.

Director of Student Health Center

Laura Hurst, M.S.N., C.R.N.P.

University Physician

Edward Gorrie, M.D.

Director of Student Leadership and Activities

Beth Hagovsky, Ed.D.

Director of Student Outreach and Support

Marci Berney, M.S.

Assistant Vice President for Student Educational Support Services

Jacqueline M. Starks, M.Ed.

Director of Educational Support Services for Student Athletes

Janet Greder, M.S.

Director of Learning Resource Center

Janis Wilkins-Mash, M.Ed.

Director of Passport & Undergraduate Transitions

Chris Nosal, M.A.

Director of Services for Students with Learning/Physical Disabilities

James Scott, M.Ed.

Assistant Vice President for Student Life/Dir. Community Standards

Kiersten White, M.S.

Systems Analyst

Karla Castro

Director of Residence Life

John Jeffery, M.A.

Director of Multicultural Life

Shoshanna Edwards-Alexander, Ed.D.

Senior Director of Adult Student Life

Nancy Komada, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President

Senior Vice President

John W. Smithson

Vice President and Athletics Director

Don J. DiJulia, B.S.

Business Affairs, Associate Athletics Director/Assistant Vice President

Jim Brown, B.S.

Varsity Programs, Associate Athletics Director/Dir. Compliance Services

Renie Shields, M.A.

Facilities and Operations, Associate Athletics Director

Allen Pendleton, M.Ed.

Athletic Communications, Assistant Athletics Director

Marie Wozniak, B.A.

Marketing and Promotions, Assistant Athletics Director

Timothy Curran, M.A.

Head Basketball Coach, Men

Phil Martelli, B.S.

Head Basketball Coach, Women

Cindy Anderson-Griffin, M.B.A.


Vice President for Financial Affairs & Treasurer

Louis J. Mayer, C.P.A., M.B.A.

Assistant Vice President and Controller

Joseph Cassidy, C.P.A.

Director of Budgeting and Forecasting

To be announced

Assistant Controller

April Lee, B.S.

Purchasing Director

William O. Anderson, B.A.

Student Accounts Receivable Management,Director

Richard M.Piccone, B.S.

Human Resources, Assistant Vice President

Sharon O’Grady Eisenmann, M.S.

Chief Information Officer

Francis DiSanti, M.S.

Associate Vice President of Network and Telecommunications

Joseph Petragnani, M.S.

Administrative Services

Vice President for Administrative Services

Kevin W. Robinson, M.B.A.

Facilities Management, Director

Kevin Kane, P.E.

Public Safety, Director

John P. Gallagher

Auxiliary Services, Director

Joseph Browne

Special Events Manager

Elizabeth Moran

Director of Health & Safety/Environmental Compliance Office

Howard Heim


Vice President for Planning

Kathleen D. Gaval, Ed.D.

Planning and Assessment, Director

Dawn M. Burdsall, M.B.A., C.P.A.

Institutional Research, Assistant Director

Annemarie M. Bartlett, M.S.

Development and Alumni Relations

Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Martin F. Farrell, M.S, 98'

Associate Vice President for Athletic Development

Katie Shields, M.S.

Associate Vice President for Development

Wendy Parsons, M.S.

External Affairs

Vice President for External Affairs

Joan Chrestay, M.S.W.

Government and Community Relations, Assistant Vice President

Wadell Ridley, Jr.

University Communications, Assistant Vice President

Harriet K. Goodheart, M.Ed.

Marketing Communications, Assistant Vice President

Joseph M. Lunardi, B.A.

Creative Services, Director