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Academic Probation

Students who fail to maintain the required grade point average or an acceptable level of progress toward the degree are placed on probation by their Dean, acting on the recommendation of the Board on Student Academic Review. A student on probation is required to report to the Dean, who may prescribe appropriate remedial measures, and is not permitted to register for more than five courses a semester. (If circumstances warrant, the Dean may require a student on probation to limit his/her course load to four with no reduction in tuition.)

Ordinarily, the period of probation will extend one semester, during which time the student must show sufficient improvement to raise his/her GPA above the minimum level. In extraordinary cases, one additional semester of probation may be allowed by the Board on Student Academic Review if the improvement during the first probationary semester indicates that the student will probably reach the necessary level by the end of the second probationary semester. A student may be permitted as many as three semesters of probations, provided that no more than two are consecutive.

A student on academic probation is ineligible to participate in major extracurricular activities, including intercollegiate athletics, or to serve as officer or director of any student activity.