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Academic Advising in the CPLS

In the CPLS, the role of an advisor is:

  • to help you with the transition to the CPLS by monitoring your academic load, course selection and academic performance;
  • to support you in initiating long range educational planning; and,
  • to direct you to opportunities and resources that will enrich your education.

The following students are required to obtain an advisor's approval in order to enroll in courses:

  • Students with a gpa between 2.0 and 2.25
  • Students accepted to the Opportunity Program
  • Students who have not submitted all required official documentation
  • Students on academic probation

Professional staff advisors are available for current, returning, and prospective students through both one-on-one advising sessions or phone advising sessions. For more information regarding student advising in the CPLS, please refer to or contact