College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Sociology Major


In Sociology, students study a number of topics: society, culture, the mass media, religion, race, gender, health care, social problems, and the family to name a few. The Sociology major covers a broad range of subjects and acquires skills in research and in written and oral communication, which serve as a basis for a wide range of careers.

The main objectives for the Sociology major are:

  • Students who successfully complete the program will be able to apply a scientific approach to groups and institutions surrounding them and will be able to link this scientific approach to a humanistic understanding of pressing social problems.
  • To lay a broad and solid foundation for pursuing a career in a wide number of possible fields. Such a foundation enhances occupational flexibility required by a changing and unpredictable labor market.
  • To foster critical thinking and aid in developing students' oral and written communication skills.

Benefits of a degree in Sociology include:

  • Advising - The faculty of the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice advise their major throughout their years at Saint Joseph's. Majors are assigned a faculty member who advises the student on coursework, internships, and employment opportunities.  Ideally, the student and faculty member build a close relationship that helps guide the student through his/her undergraduate study.
  • Internships- The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice organizes a number of internships designed to give students practical experience in their field of study. These internships help students apply classroom-acquired skills and knowledge while gaining practical work experience. Internships in Sociology are available in a wide variety of settings: Community Service Foundation Buxmont Academy; North Light Community Center, Montgomery County Youth Center; Women Against Abuse, and many more (see related links above).
  • Careers and Employment - Major in Sociology prepares students for a wide variety of careers. The emphasis on theory and research practice coupled with the use of computer and internet technology helps students develop practical skills that are indispensable in the pursuit of employment. Graduates of the Department of Sociology have secured employment in government, the criminal justice system, business consultation, education, social services, public relations, marketing analysts, human resources specialists, and in industry. A large number of graduates have also gone on to further studies in sociology, criminal justice, law, social work, business, and other disciplines.

We invite prospective students to contact us directly if you have any questions about a major in Sociology. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions