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The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice is home to both Sociology and Criminal Justice majors at Saint Joseph's University.  Our faculty are leaders in their fields and are great resources for students of both majors.

Our department prides itself on excellent teaching and on individual faculty members bringing their research interests and expertise into the classroom.  We have national experts on teenage pregnancy and binge drinking. We have faculty members doing hands-on research in some of the poorer neighborhoods of our nation's cities, while others are interviewing former cult members to better understand the attraction to these groups. We are attempting to understand the causes of crime in Philadelphia and elsewhere so that we can help find solutions to the rising tide of violence. We undertake all of these initiatives in an effort to better understand the social world around us and, in the spirit of Jesuit education, to teach students that they can make a difference by being "men and women with and for others."

The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice provides students with opportunities for intellectual growth both inside and outside of the classroom. Our major curriculum is designed to insure that Sociology and Criminal Justice students are prepared to immediately take their place in the world of work and service as soon as they graduate.

Office Location: Merion Hall, Suite 360

Telephone: 610-660-1640