College of Arts and Sciences

Technology Workshop for Humanities

Foreign Languages and Literatures

March 24, 2010
4:00-6:00 PM
Banquet Hall South, Campion Student Center 

  • eTandem Europa: This service offers free searches to match individuals or classes learning a target language with other individuals or classes who are native speakers of the target language but learning the language of the first group. When learning partners are matched, the service helps to set up regular conversational contact to practice both languages via telephone, email, or other media.
  • Lingu@net Europa: The Multilingual Centre for Language Learning This very comprehensive site offers many tools related to determining your level of skill in a language (including links to various types of self-assessment tests), surveying various ways to learn a language, participating in online chats or discussion groups in various languages, and finding online
  • Foreign Language Videos Brief QuickTime videos of native speakers discussing everyday topics in various languages are provided by the OhioLINK Digital Media Center; French, German, and Spanish are available, but no Italian.
  • Gateway Site:
Compiled by Barbara F. McManus and Ann R. Raia
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