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Asian Studies

Welcome to the TIANANMEN at 25 SYMPOSIUM

Saint Joseph’s University
April 23 – April 24, 2014


Tianmen at 25

Includes a screening of the film Gate of Heavenly Peace

Part of the series “Protest: Continuity and Change”

This symposium is meant to consider the meaning and legacy of the Tiananmen Movement, which culminated in the June 4 massacre in Beijing,  on its 25th anniversary. The symposium brings together several of the world's leading experts on this event to exchange and share new interpretations and new research on the significance of this event. One key aspect of the event will be to discuss strategies for writing and teaching about the events of 1989 in college and high school classrooms.

This symposium is supported by:

  • The James and Bernadette Nealis Program in Asian Studies, Saint Joseph's University
  • The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations' Public Intellectuals Program, which is funded by the Henry  Luce and C.V. Starr Foundations.
  • The Department of History and the Program in International Relations, Saint Joseph's University
  • The Office of the Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Saint Joseph's University