College of Arts and Sciences

Sigma Xi Research Symposium

2017 SJU Sigma Xi Student Research Symposium

Date and Time: Keynote Address - 5:00 pm, Friday April 21, 2017

   Location: Wolfington Teletorium, Mandeville Hall

Dr. Scott Poethig

Dr. Scott Poethig
 John H. and Margaret B. Fassitt Professor, Department of Biology 
University of Pennsylvania


Scott Poethig is an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences - one of the highest honors bestowed to a scientist in the United States. Dr. Poethig is also the endowed John H. and Margaret B. Fassitt Professor in the Department of Biology at University of Pennsylvania. His research explores the juvenile-to-adult transition, also called vegetative phase change, in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Vegetative phase change leads to major changes in the shoot morphology and occurs prior to flowering. This developmental phase is initiated by a group of plant-specific transcription factors (SBP/SPL proteins), that are repressed by the miRNAs miR156 and miR157 in the juvenile phase. A decrease in the levels of these miRNAs results in derepression of the transcription factors that promote the developmental transition into the adult stage. Dr. Poethig’s lab is currently exploring the temporal regulation, mechanism of action, and the regulons of miR156/miR157.