College of Arts and Sciences

John P. McNulty Scholars Program for Excellence in Science and Math

McNulty Scholars Research Summer 2011

During the summer of 2011, McNulty scholars had the opportunity to participate in the Summer Scholars Program or a research-based internship.



elorette_ssp11 Biology major Catherine Elorette ’14 researched the isolation and characterization of predatory genes from Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus as a research advisee of Dr. John Tudor, Department of Biology.

Annamarie Everman ‘14, a math major, was a summer intern at Morphotek Incorporated conducting research using molecular genetic techniques. everman_ssp11

mariani_ssp11 Lisa Mariani ’14, physics major, conducted research with Dr. Piotr Habdas, on the study of motion of elliptical glass particles to better understand the dynamics of glass.

Kim Nguyen ‘13 under the mentorship of Dr. Mark Reynolds, Department of Chemistry, conducted research in biochemistry on the oxygen sensing FixL heme protein.   nguyen_ssp11

noel_ssp11 Math major Corinna Noel ’13, a research advisee of Dr. Richard George, Department of Food Marketing, researched the statistical significance of age, gender, and education level on menu choices when calorie information is provided.

Molly Southwell ‘13, mentored by Dr. Scott McRobert, Department of Biology, conducted research in the Biodiversity Lab on shoaling behavior of Zebrafish.   southwell_ssp11