College of Arts and Sciences

John P. McNulty Scholars Program for Excellence in Science and Math

Meet Our Fellows

Academic Year 2013-2014


From left to right: Anne McNulty, Lauren Kozlowski, Gianna Valentino, Victoria Angelucci, Elena Montoto, Kelsey Berger, Rev. C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J.


Victoria Angelucci ‘14
A chemical biology major, Victoria is a chemistry and biology tutor and participates in the McNulty freshman peer-mentoring program.  She is an active member of the Alpha Epsilon Delta and Alpha Sigma Nu honor societies and a volunteer at Lankenau Hospital, Inglis House, and Keystone Hospice.  She has played three different Division I sports at SJU and is a Hawk Mascot for the SJU Women’s Basketball Team. Victoria participated in 2012 and 2013 Summer Scholars research with chemist, Dr. Jose Cerda, and hopes to continue research while pursuing her goal of becoming a physician. 

Kelsey Berger ‘14
Kelsey is a chemical biology major with a minor in Spanish.  She transferred to SJU after spending two years at the US Air Force Academy.  She has worked with biochemist Dr. Mark Reynolds to study the biochemical mechanism of the heme-based oxygen sensor FixL from S. meliloti and the effects of anti-cancer inhibitors on human IDO.  This research has been a collaborative project between Dr. Reynolds’ laboratory, Lankenau Hospital and chemists from Bryn Mawr College.  Outside the lab, Kelsey plays on the SJU women’s basketball team.

Lauren Kozlowski ‘15
Lauren is a biology major, pursing minors in health care ethics and chemistry. She has performed research in neurobiologist Dr. James Watrous’ lab since her freshman year, focusing on neuronal activity in the hippocampus during epileptic seizures using computer simulations to model neural networks. Most recently, Lauren has been a co-founder and organizer of a new STEM-based freshman peer mentoring program. She is also a fellow in the SJU Institute of Catholic Bioethics, treasurer of the Biology Club, and a member of the hospice-based volunteer group, Shooting Stars, and the SJU Tennis Club.  She has served as a Teaching Assistant and Tutor for several biology and chemistry courses. She has volunteered at the NeuroIntensive Care Unit and Emergency Department at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and has a goal of becoming a neurosurgeon.

Elena Montoto ‘14
Elena is a chemistry major pursuing a business administration minor while continuing research on the synthesis of pentacyclo[,8.05,7]non-4-ene in Dr. Mark Forman’s organic chemistry laboratory.  She is focused on synthesizing important precursor molecules needed for their research. Elena has also served as a Supplemental Instructor (SI) leader for General Chemistry I and as an SI Mentor for her subject area. As a member of the student-run Molloy Chemical Society, she was selected to participate in the DOW-MIT ACCESS program, hosted by MIT to expose undergraduate students to graduate education and opportunities in chemistry and allied fields.

Gianna Valentino ‘14
Gianna, a physics major and mathematics minor, aspires to attain a graduate degree in mechanical engineering.  She engages in research with SJU physicist, Dr. Yu Gu, fabricating micro devices termed “lab-on-chip” which miniaturize and automate traditional laboratory techniques. She is specifically using ferrofluids to create a light switching device. Along with Lauren Kozlowski, Gianna co-founded a new STEM-based freshman peer mentoring program. Gianna has served as a Teaching Assistant for General Physics and a Peer Tutor for physics, mathematics and chemistry.