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John P. McNulty Scholars Program for Excellence in Science and Math

Meet Our Administrators

Dr. Sandra Fillebrown, Program Director


Sandra Fillebrown, Professor of Mathematics, earned a B.S. in Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a M.Ed. at Tufts University.  She then taught high school mathematics in Reading, MA for a number of years.   She went on to earn an M.S. in Mathematics at Drexel University, worked in industry as a mathematician, and then completed her Ph.D. in Mathematics at Lehigh University.  She has been at Saint Joseph’s University since 1986.

Dr. Fillebrown’s research interest is in fractals and dynamical systems, and she has mentored several student projects, including Departmental Honors theses, in this area.  Additionally, she is interested in mathematics education and is the Principal Investigator of two National Science Foundation grants working to support SJU math and science majors who choose careers as secondary teachers in high-need schools. 

In addition to being the Director of the McNulty Scholars Program, Dr. Fillebrown is also the Director of the graduate program in Mathematics Education.  She served as Director of the Honors Program from 1999 to 2003.


Dr. Jean Smolen, Associate Program Director


Jean Smolen, Associate Professor of Chemistry, earned a B.S. in Chemistry at Chatham College and a Ph.D in Environmental Chemistry at the Johns Hopkins University.  She then completed a National Research Council research associateship at the EPA Ecosystems Research Lab in Athens, GA.  Jean joined the faculty at Saint Joseph’s University in the Department of Chemistry in 1998, and has continued to study the fate of reducible organic pollutants in anaerobic environments with undergraduate students.  Her most recent research project involves evaluating the effect of a slow sand filter on improving water quality within arsenic-contaminated sites. 

Dr. Smolen has received extramural funding from the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund and the Research Corporation, and has mentored more than 20 undergraduate students in research.  Many of her students have gone on to pursue advanced degrees in chemistry.  Dr. Smolen is the former Director of the Environmental Science Program at SJU, and has served on many College and University committees.  She teaches General Chemistry, General Chemistry Laboratory and Environmental Chemistry.



Ms. Shani Nuckols, Program Coordinator


Shani Nuckols joined the McNulty Scholars Program in January 2014, and is responsible for the organization and implementation of program events, activities and meetings.  She brings more than 10 years of experience in non-profit development, most recently working at Barnard College in New York City.

Please contact Shani with any questions:

phone 610-660-1825