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Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant for Science Education at SJU

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant for Science Education
Student Researcher Jabriah Geddy, an HHMI Research Scholar from Lincoln University participating in the Summer Scholars Program
Saint Joseph's University first received support for undergraduate science education from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) in 1994, which funded the modernization of two teaching laboratories and provided funds to initiate a summer research program for biology students.  With considerable institutional support, faculty research grants, corporate sponsors, and alumni gifts, this initiative has grown to become the Summer Scholars Program, a university- wide, 10-week summer research program that supports more than 70 students each summer in faculty-mentored research and scholarship.

The current HHMI grant, awarded in 2008 to the Biology and Physics departments, is focused on the integration of biology, physics, and quantitative analysis.  The grant focuses on four components:  1) Student research and broadening access to science;  2) New and current faculty development;  3) Curriculum and laboratory development; and 4) Outreach.

The grant is administered by an Advisory Committee, consisting of the Program Director and faculty from the Biology and Physics departments who chair subcommittees for each component.

HHMI also has also supported Phage Safari, a freshmen biology lab focused on bacteriophage genomics.

For more information, contact

Dr. Christina King Smith, Program Director
Professor, Department of Biology