College of Arts & Sciences

Dean's Office, CA&S

Social Sciences (3 courses required, no more than two from any one department or program)


For Students in the Classes of 2011, 2012, and 2013:


ECN 101* Introductory Economics, Micro (formerly ECN 1011)
ECN 102* Introductory Economics, Macro (formerly ECN 1021)
CN 460 African Economies (formerly ECN 2221)
ECN 485 Economics of Migration & Immigration (formerly ECN 2691)
*required for most HSB majors


EDU 150 with EDU 152* Schools in Society (first year seminar) 
EDU 151 with 153**Development Cognition and Learning (formerly EDU 2031/2032 Educational Psychology)
EDU 160 with 162*** Schools in Society (formerly EDU 1011/1021)
*Limited to EDU majors--required course
**Open to students in any major; required for EDU majors and Secondary Ed minors
***Open to students in any major; required for Secondary Ed minors


LIN 317 Sociolinguistics (formerly LIN 2211)
LIN 340 Communication in Social Contexts: "Can You Hear Me Now?"(new course)
POL 101* or POL 111 Introduction to American Government and Politics (formerly POL 1011)
PPOL 103**  or 113 Introduction to Comparative Politics (formerly POL 1031)
POL  105** or 115 Introduction to International Politics (formerly POL 1051)
POL 107* or 117 Introduction to Political Thought (formerly POL 1071)
And many upper level POL courses (see Political Science Department for specific guidance)
*restricted to POL majors
**restricted to POL or IR majors 
PSY 100 Introductory Psychology (for non-majors; formerly PSY 1001)
PSY 101 Introductory Psychology Seminar (for majors; formerly PSY 1011)
Other courses that can fulfill the Social Science GER include any 100- or 200-level Psychology elective, except for PSY 210, 211, 220, 221, 230, and 231
100-level Psychology electives do not have any pre-requisites
PSY 100 OR 101 is a pre-requisite for other 200-level Psychology courses that can fulfill the Social Science GER
SOC 101 Introductory Sociology (formerly SOC 1011)
SOC 102 Social Problems(formerly SOC 1021)
Any upper division Sociology and/or CJ courses numbered from 200-399 (pre-requisite of either SOC 101 or 102) will count toward GER requirements EXCEPT for the following courses: Soc 312 and 313, Research Methods I and II; SOC 495, Senior Seminar and SOC 490, Internship