College of Arts & Sciences

Dean's Office, CA&S

Philosophy (3 courses required, taken in the sequence shown below)


For Students in the Classes of 2011, 2012, and 2013

  1. PHL 101 Human Person (formerly PHL 1011)
  2. PHL 154 Moral Foundations (formerly called “Moral Philosophy” –PHL 1031)  ( pre-requisite:  PHL 101 Human Person)
  3. PHL 201 Knowledge & Existence  OR  any course numbered PHL 250 – 470, except PHL 318 and PHL 320.

PHL 201 Knowledge and Existence
PHL 250 Philosophy of Death
PHL 310 Philosophy of Art
PHL 308 Asian Philosophies
PHL 316 Food and Justice
PHL 328 Philosophy and Evolution
PHL 330 Social and Political Philosophy
PHL 336 Violence and Non-Violence Honors*
PHL 342 Dimensions of Freedom (application deadline Oct 15)
PHL 354 Philosophy of Religion
PHL 358 Contemporary Atheism and the Problem of God
PHL 401 Ancient Philosophy
PHL 404 Love and Friendship in the Ancient World
PHL 434 German Existentialism Honors *

* Open to students in the Honors Program; other students must seek instructor’s permission

Note: IHS majors and Fine Arts majors should consult their faculty advisors since they may be required to take a specific course to satisfy the 3rd Philos GER, e.g., PHL 250 Philosophy of Death (IHS majors), or PHL 310 Philosophy of Art (Fine Arts majors).

Note: Logic courses can never be taken to satisfy Philosophy GER.