College of Arts & Sciences

Dean's Office, CA&S

TO:         Students in the Classes of 2011, 2012, and 2013

FROM:    Dean William Madges, CAS  

As you and your faculty advisors prepare to register for Spring 2011 courses, I would like to point out two important changes with respect to our courses and our core curriculum (known as the GER)::
  1. The University has re-numbered all courses, moving from 4-digit course numbers to 3-digit ones. This will align our practice more closely with other universities’ practices.
  2. As you probably are aware, this fall the University implemented the first stage of a new core curriculum, which we are calling the General Education Program or GEP. While this year’s freshmen class will follow the new curriculum, all current sophomores, juniors and seniors must satisfy the curriculum requirements of the GER that were in place at the time they enrolled at SJU. As current students, you won’t be directly affected by the new curriculum; however, you may be affected indirectly since in preparation for the new curriculum, some departments have made changes in organizing and naming current courses. These changes are explained on the related links -- department by department – so you will be ready to register for Spring 2011 courses.
Finally, while we are beginning to phase in a revised curriculum, we want to assure you of the importance and integrity of our current GER curriculum. To remain vital in a quickly changing world, every university periodically undergoes curriculum review. So while we have made some changes to our core curriculum with an eye toward the next decade or two, we continue to believe that the current GER provides an educational experience of high quality and relevance. Please note, however, that after this academic year, some courses typically taken by first or second year students in the GER will be offered at reduced frequency or phased out. Please be sure to work closely with your academic advising and the Advising Centers to be sure that you are on track to take the courses you need to complete your degree requirements.