College of Arts & Sciences

Dean's Office, CA&S

Honors Courses

For Students in the Classes of 2011, 2012, and 2013

The following is a partial list of honors courses (or courses that will have specific honors sections) that meet requirements in the GER for current students. Please note that this is NOT a list of all honors courses being offered, only those that would fulfill General Education Requirements for students in the classes of '11, '12 and '13.

BIO 163 Unseen Life on Earth (formerly HON 1503)
Satisfies one of the Natural Science GER requirements for non-science majors.

CHM 121 General Chemistry Honors I (formerly CHM 1013)
Satisfies one of the Natural Science GER requirements for science AND non-science majors.

CLA 320 The Golden Age of Rome (formerly HON 2213)
Satisfies Art/Literature/Classics GER.

CLA 321 Sexuality and Gender in the Ancient World (formerly HON 2223)
Satisfies the Art/Literature GER.  Also satisfies Gender Studies requirement.

ENG 319 Modern/Post-Modern Mood (formerly HON 1293) 
Satisfies Art/Literature/Classics GER for all majors. 

ENG 416 Rebellious Women Writers: Reformers, Slaves, and Suffragists.
Satisfies Art/Literature GER for all majors.

HON 301-302 Modern Mosaic I and II (formerly HON 1253/1263)
Satisfies HIS 101, ENG 101, or the Art/Literature GER requirement. Will not satisfy the GER ART requirement for students majoring in the Humanities.

LIN 340 Communication in Social Contexts: "Can You Hear Me Now?" 
Satisfies one Social Science GER.

MAT 132 Mathematics of Games and Politics (formerly HON 1483)
Satisfies one Mathematics GER.

MAT 139 Mathematics, Culture, and Society (formerly HON 1493)
Satisfies one Mathematics GER.

MGT 361 Introduction to Law (formerly HON 1753)
Satisfies MGT 360 for Business majors or minors.

PHL 154 Moral Foundations
Satisfies the 2nd level Philosophy GER.

PHL 258 The Authentic Self: Augustine, Kierkegaard, Heidegger (new course)
Satisfies 3rd level Philosophy or 3rd level Theology GER. 

HL 336 Violence and Non-Violence (formerly HON 2123)
Prerequisites: PHL 101, 154.  Satisfies the third level Philosophy GER.

PHL 356 Religious Diversity (formerly HON 1353)
Satisfies 3rd level Philosophy GER.

PHL 434 German Existentialism (formerly PHL 2773)
Satisfies 3rd level Philosophy GER.

POL 320 Honors Civil Rights: Law and Society (formerly HON 2613)
Satisfies one upper-division Political Science, Sociology, or Social Science GER. 

SOC 287 Cults and Culture: Sex, Gender, and Family in Cults/New Religious Movements (formerly HON 2633)
Satisfies Social Science GER.

THE 154 Faith, Justice, and the Catholic Tradition
Satisfies a 1st level Theology GER.

THE 336 Jewish and Christian Encounter (formerly THE 2391) 
Satisfies 3rd level Theology GER.