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Art/Literature (1 course required)

For Students in the Classes of 2011, 2012, and 2013

The art/lit GER may be satisfied by choosing one course from a specially designated set of courses offered each semester jointly by the Departments of English, Fine & Performing Arts, and Foreign Languages & Literatures. Some of these courses may have pre-requisites. Some courses run in fall and others in spring.

    CLA 201 Classical Mythology (formerly CLA 2001)
    CLA 202 Classic Epic: Gods and Heros (formerly CLA 2011)
    CLA 203 Classical Tragedy(formerly CLA 2021)
    CLA 301 Art and Archeology of Greece (formerly CLA 1111)
    CLA 302 Art and Archeology of Italy(formerly CLA 1121)
    CLA 303 Pompeii and Herculanem (formerly CLA 2111)
    CLA 304 Estruscan Art & Archeology (formerly CLA 2121)
    CLA 305 Cleopatra through Anc & Mod Eyes (formerly CLA 2031)
    CLA 306 Ancient Medicine (formerly CLA 2141)
ENG 201: Major American Writers
ENG 202: The World of Fiction
ENG 203: The Poet’s Voice
ENG 204: Drama
ENG 205 Cultural Diversity
ENG 206 Rhetoric in Modern Practice 
ENG 207: Images of Women in Literature
ENG 208: Special Topics in Literature
ENG 209: Literature and Film
ENG 215 Beyond Black & White: Exploring American Identities  
ENG 223: The British Tradition
ENG 301 Middle English Lit
ENG 302 Renaissance non-Dramatic Lit
ENG 303 Renaissance Drama
ENG 304 18th Century British Literature
ENG 305 British Romanticism   
ENG 306 Victorian Literature
ENG 307: British Modernism
ENG 310 20th Cent Irish Fiction
ENG 311 20th Cent Irish Poetry
ENG 312 20th Cent Irish Drama
ENG 315 Literature of South Asia
ENG 316 World Lit Written in English
ENG 317 Literature of South Africa
ENG 322 American Romantic & Transcendental Lit  
ENG 319: The Modern/Postmodern Mood Honors
ENG 321: American Colonial and Federal Literature
ENG 322: American Romantic and Transcendental Literature
ENG 323 American Literature 1865-1915
ENG 324: Modern American Literature
ENG 325: Contemporary American Literature
ENG 326: Music and American Literature
ENG 327: Southern Literature
ENG 328: African American Literature
ENG 329: Black Women Writers
ENG 331: Modern Drama
ENG 333: Reading, Writing, and Adapting for Theatre: Dramaturgy
ENG 384: The Essay
ENG 401 Chaucer and the Medieval World
ENG 402 Shakespeare: Early Works  
ENG 403 Shakespeare: Later Works
ENG 404 Eng, Irish, Anglophone Authors
ENG 405 18th Cent British Novel
ENG 406 19th Cent British Novel
ENG 407: 20th Century British and Irish Novel
ENG 410 Irish Supernaturalist Fiction  
ENG 415 Postcolonial Studies    
ENG 416 Rebellious Women Writers-Honors
ENG 419 Modernism & Postmodernism    
ENG 420 American Authors
ENG 421 19th Century American Novel
ENG 422: 20th Century American Novel
ENG 423 American Poetry
ENG 424 Contemporary American Poetry
ENG 425 American Drama
ENG 426 Nature Writing in America   
ENG 427 Catholic Imagination in Contemporary American Lit
ENG 428 The Beat Rebellion
ENG 429 American Authors: Fitzgerald & Hemingway  
ENG 481: Literary Forms and Styles
ENG 482 Literature and Culture
ENG 483: Seminar in Narrative Form
Fine and Performing Arts:
All Fine and Performing Arts courses that are at least 3 credits now fulfill this requirement.   Again, some may have pre-requisites.  You can view updated course descriptions for the Art History courses here.
Foreign Languages and Literatures:
   CHN 310 Selections in Chinese Literature (formerly CHN 1331)
   FRE 310 Selections in French Literature (formerly FRE 1331)
   FRE 330 Medieval to Early Mod France (formerly FRE 2601)
   FRE 402 French Theater in Practice (formerly FRE 2051)
   FRE 410 The French Novel (formerly FRE 2101)
   FRE 412 French Poetry (formerly FRE 2111)
   FRE 412 Short Narratives... (formerly FRE 2121)
   FRE 414 The French Essay (formerly FRE 2151)
   FRE 427 The Age of Louis XIV (formerly FRE 2301)
   FRE 434 French Romanticism (formerly FRE 2401)
   FRE 437 Surrealism (formerly FRE 2511)
   FRE 438 20th Cent Fr Theater to Pres (formerly FRE 2501)
   FRE 462 Contemporary Francophone Cinema (formerly FRE 2621)
   FRE 470 Topics in French (formerly FRE 2191)

   GRM 305 The Faust Legend (formerly GRM 1431)
   GRM 309 German Civ and Culture (formerly GRM 2011)
   GRM 311 Topics in German Culture (formerly GER 2131)
   GRM 320 Contemp German Cinema (formerly GRM 2201)
   GRM 321 German Media (formerly GRM 2321)
   GRM 401 Medieval German Lit (formerly GRM 2051)
   GRM 402 German Enlight to Realism (formerly GRM 2081)
   GRM 403 Bismarck to Hitler (formerly GRM 2121)
   GRM 404 Modrnity Lit Erly 20th Cent (formerly GRM 2141)
   GRM 405 Lit of GRM Speak Countries (formerly GRM 2151)
   GRM 470 Major German Authors (formerly GRM 2191)
   ITA 340 Italian Culture and Civ (formerly ITA 2101)
   ITA 360 Modern Italian Culture (formerly ITA 2111)
   ITA 365 Italian Society & Media (formerly ITA 2321)
   ITA 380 Ital Journeys Marco Polo (formerly ITA 2241)
   ITA 402 L’Italiano al Cinema (formerly ITA 2201)
   ITA 410 Major Italian Authors (formerly ITA 2191)
   ITA 430 Images of Rome: Papal (formerly ITA 2231)
   ITA 440 Profane and Sacred Love (formerly ITA 2411)   
   ITA 445 The Medici Court (formerly ITA 2251)
   ITA 455 Women’s Voices (formerly ITA 2521)
   ITA 460 Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio (formerly ITA 2271)
   LAT upper-division courses that fulfill Art/Lit (see LAT listings)
   SPA 310 Introduction to Literatures of the Spanish-Speaking World (new course)


   LIN 101 Introduction to Linguistics (formerly LIN 2201)
**Humanities majors must complete 1 additional course in the Fine & Performing Arts Department .  All Fine and Performing Arts courses that are at least 3 credits now fulfill this requirement.   Again, some may have pre-requisites.