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Child Development Laboratory

Welcome to the Child Development Laboratory

The Child Development Laboratory (CDL) is a research laboratory located on the second floor of Alumni House on Saint Joseph's University's South Campus. Our team of researchers is led by Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dr. Elizabeth Jaeger and her basic and applied research interests. In addition to Dr. Jaeger's personal research interests, the CDL also conducts research on a variety of local, grant-funded projects. Please get to know our work and our team by browsing the additional pages of our site and contact us with any questions you may have regarding our work.


Our History

The Child Development Laboratory originated in 2003 with a commitment to supporting a model of high quality education and best practices in teaching and research. The research of our team is focused on efforts to support the professional development of education through outreach opportunities, providing resources to maintain high quality child care for children in a variety of settings, including center and home-based care, and promoting continued research to bridge the disciplines of education and psychology.