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Twentieth Century China
20t Century ChinaTwentieth-Century China (ISSN 1521-5385) is a refereed semi-annual scholarly journal with issues appearing in November and April. Published by The Ohio State University Press, the journal’s chief editor is James H. Carter of Saint Joseph's University's Department of History. The journal is the affiliated publication of the Historical Society of Twentieth-Century China.

Under its former title Republican China (ISSN 0893-2344), the journal served for many years as an important venue for the dissemination of high-quality research and professional information of interest to scholars focusing on the history of the 1911-1949 period. Founded in 1983 by Lloyd Eastman, one of the American pioneers of Republican Chinese history, Republican China was successively edited by R. Keith Schoppa, Herman Mast III, Roger B. Jeans, and then, from 1992 to 2004, by Stephen C. Averill. From 2004 to 2009 Twentieth-Century China was edited by Christopher A. Reed at The Ohio State University.

Since assuming its current title in November 1997 under Stephen C. Averill’s stewardship, the journal has expanded its coverage to include topics concerning both the last decade or so of the Qing dynasty and the post-1949 period. The journal considers manuscripts from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, but editorial inclinations are particularly receptive to insightful, empirically oriented, Chinese document-based studies that have historical depth.