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Political Science Department


Aristotle described the study of politics as the master science. In accord with that definition, the political science major at Saint Joseph's University is rooted firmly in the Liberal Arts tradition of Jesuit education, incorporating both humanistic and scientific approaches in its curriculum. It familiarizes students with the main branches of contemporary political science, from the timeless classics of political thought to the contemporary issues affecting American, regional, and world politics. In all of its courses, the department seeks to make its students aware of the increasing interconnectedness between domestic affairs, international trends, and developments. By encouraging its students to develop a life-long love of learning, a sense of responsible citizenship, the habit of critical analysis, and the ability to effectively express onesself through speaking and writing, the Political Science major offers a solid foundation for graduate and legal studies, as well as careers in government, education, communications, and commerce.

Chair:  Dr. Lisa Baglione
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Administrative Assistant
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Milena Vulopas, POL 2016, is the winner of a study abroad scholarship from the Karen and Ronald Thomas Family Fund.  Because of the generosity of the Thomases, for the next five years the Political Science Department has two $2,500 awards to give to deserving majors who would like to study aboard.  Milena is going to use hers to travel to Leuven, Belgium this fall, where she will be enrolled in a European Union program and have an internship at the EU as part of her coursework.  Follow her posts from Belgium on the Department's Facebook page while she is away.

Majors who are studing abroad in the Spring should look for a new and updated scholarship application to support their studies in 2015.  The deadline for the Spring Award will be October 15, 2014.

Congratulations, Milena, and many thanks again to Karen and Ronald Thomas for their continuing support of POL students and the Department!