College of Arts & Sciences

Political Science Department

Karen and Ronald Thomas Family Fund

Through the generous support of the Karen and Ronald Thomas Family Fund, the Political Science Department is able to present compelling lectures led by regional, national and international leaders.

Thomas Fund Lecture Series

The Thomas Fund supports a vibrant intellectual community within the Political Science Department and around the University by providing monies to bring important scholars, policy makers, and commentators to campus to discuss pressing issues of the day.


Click here to see the full list of lectures sponsored by the Thomas Family Fund.


Thomas Fund Study Abroad Scholarships

In addition to the financial assistance for lectures, the Thomas Family Fund provides scholarships for deserving students to defray the costs of studying abroad.  Each year, the Department of Political Science offers two $2,500.00 awards. 

To apply for the study abroad scholarship, click here for application.


Here is our list of past winners and their study abroad destinations:
Milena Vulopas Leuven, Belgium
George Kamanda Leuven, Belgium
Felicia Carter Brazil
Andrew Rusnak Leuven, Belgium
Magdalena Jagla London, England
Steven T. Coyle Leuven, Belgium
Augustus J. Donnelly Galway, Ireland
Tavon Whitener Galway, Ireland
Ammar M Sharif Cape Town, South Africa
Kevin Cascone Rome, Italy
Frederick Roth Leuven, Belgium
Alyssa Ryan London, England
Meghan Scheidemann Belgium
Chelsea Sproul Belgium