College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Philosophy


Philosophy majors must complete the two required philosophy courses in the GEP courses, as well as eight additional courses for a total of ten philosophy courses.

Philosophy majors have the option of pursuing one of four tracks:

  1. History of Philosophy
  2. Social-Political/Philosophy of Law
  3. Mind, Language, Science
  4. Philosophy of Religion

While the major concentration requirements are the same for students in all four tracks, the integrated learning requirements (ILC) vary from track to track.  Students must take 3 ILC courses within one of the four tracks.  See the catalog for details about ILC requirements.

Major Requirements (10 courses):

  • PHL 154 Moral Foundations (GEP requirement)
  • PHL xxx a course in the Philosophical Anthropology area (GEP requirement)
  • and
  • One  logic course: PHL 220 Logic or PHL 240 Symbolic Logic
  • One history course in the Ancient/Pre-Modern period (see catalog for detailed list)
  • One history course in the Modern/Contemporary (see catalog for detailed list)
  • One NON-GEP Upper-level PHL elective course
  • One advanced seminar -- PHL 495 Senior Seminar or PHL 395 Junior Seminar
  • and

  • Two or three upper-level PHL elective courses
    • Philosophy course taken to satisfy the Faith and Reason GEP requirement and two additional upper-level PHL elective courses; or
    • Three upper level PHL elective courses