College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Philosophy


Philosophy majors must complete the two required philosophy courses in the GEP courses, as well as eight additional courses for a total of ten philosophy courses.

Philosophy majors have the option of pursuing one of five tracks:

  1. History of Philosophy
  2. Social-Political/Philosophy of Law
  3. Mind, Language, Science
  4. Philosophy of Religion
  5. Arts & Humanities


While the major concentration requirements are the same for students in all five tracks, the integrated learning requirements (ILC) vary from track to track.  Students must take 3 ILC courses within one of the five tracks.  See the catalog for details about ILC requirements.

Major Requirements (10 courses):

  • PHL 154 Moral Foundations (GEP requirement)
  • PHL xxx a course in the Philosophical Anthropology area (GEP requirement)
  • and
  • One  logic course: PHL 220 Logic or PHL 240 Symbolic Logic
  • One history course in the Ancient/Pre-Modern period (see catalog for detailed list)
  • One history course in the Modern/Contemporary (see catalog for detailed list)
  • One NON-GEP Upper-level PHL elective course
  • One advanced seminar -- PHL 495 Senior Seminar or PHL 395 Junior Seminar
  • and

  • Two or three upper-level PHL elective courses
    • Philosophy course taken to satisfy the Faith and Reason GEP requirement and two additional upper-level PHL elective courses; or
    • Three upper level PHL elective courses