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Modern and Classical Languages

Study Abroad: German

Students in German are strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad program in Marburg (Germany) or Vienna (Austria) for either one full semester or for a junior year abroad opportunity. The Marburg program is located in the ancient and very appealing university town of Marburg and has been organized under the auspices of Millersville University in Pennsylvania since 1963. The Vienna program is administered by the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES). For both programs, credit for German courses is awarded with the approval of the SJU German faculty and the chair of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages. For further details on the Marburg program, please click here. To see the site for the town of Marburg, click here. For more information on the Vienna program, please click here, and click here for the site of the city of Vienna. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Center for International Programs at Saint Joseph’s University for further details.

In addition, students can study during the summer at one of the many university programs after consultation with the German faculty. Summer study courses are offered in many cities and major towns in Germany and Austria at various language levels, not to mention special offerings for those students interested in the arts or in business. An excellent source of information is the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) website. You can find information on university-organized programs in alphabetical order by the city’s name. Take a look at the course offerings, find a course of interest to you, and then get in touch with Dr. Buckley.