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Why Study German at SJU?
Berlin Wall

There is nothing as challenging and exciting as viewing the world you know from a different perspective. Studying German teaches you more than another language: You will learn to see the world through the prism of one of Europe's most influential cultures. By viewing regional and international issues from a global perspective, you will gain valuable new insights into your own culture and heritage. Speaking German broadens any student’s career options. Why? - You will find some interesting answers in the following text. Please, ask for a copy of our German brochure by contacting Dr. Thomas Buckley.

Broad educational options
You can major or minor in German, or enter a formal double major in German with a combination of your choice. Excellent combinations are German and International Relations, International Business/Marketing or Education (Teacher Certification). You may also combine your German studies with any other university program. Further possibilities are: other literatures, fine and performing arts, history, political science, philosophy, and many more. For testimonials from SJU German majors please click here.

  • Innovative courses
    We go beyond traditional language and literature studies to bring you today’s Germany through multi-media technology, mainly the Internet and television, film studies and business culture. In addition to offering a liberal arts undergraduate degree, German coursework can lead to graduate and professional studies.
  • An emphasis on teaching
    Saint Joseph’s University’s German program has a low 8:1 student-faculty ratio. Your courses are taught by professors, not teaching assistants. Professors set aside a great deal of time for review and help.
  • Outstanding learning facilities
    Our recently renovated, interactive language labs support both individual and group learning. Our Writing Center, located in BE 329, offers you the opportunity to be creative in an undisturbed environment. Click here for more information on the labs.
  • Study abroad
    Students who wish to achieve greater fluency or just experience a foreign culture for a shorter – or longer – period of time can take advantage of our summer, semester or junior year abroad programs. Click here for additional information.
  • A record of achievement
    Many of our students have been eligible to join Delta Phi Alpha, the National German Honor Society. In addition, the German program has the highest percentage of Fulbright scholars on the SJU campus. Our graduates have gone on to successful careers in law, government, business, and teaching.
  • Scholarships and Internships
    We provide financial support to qualified undergraduate students on a competitive basis. The Herta M. Stephenson Fund supports undergraduate study on campus as well as summer, semester, and junior year abroad studies. In addition, many graduates have successfully applied for Fulbright and Rotary scholarships for graduate studies abroad. Click here for more details on scholarships. We also encourage students to apply for internships. To see the possibilities, click here.