College of Arts & Sciences

Modern and Classical Languages

The Majors in French and French Studies and the Minor in French

The French Major

The French major emphasizes the acquisition of competence in written and spoken French, a sound understanding of the structures of modern French, and the ability to analyze literary texts from a variety of periods. All courses are offered in French. Majoring in French requires taking two courses are the 1300 level and eight courses at the 2000 level. For more information, contact Dr. Thomas Donahue.

The French Studies Major

The French Studies major is an interdisciplinary program designed for students whose interests include the study of French language and literature, as well as fine arts, history, international relations, philosophy, and political science. To major in French Studies, students must take one course in French or Francophone civilization; five courses in French language and literature of which two will be at the 1300 level or above and three at the 2000 level; four courses distributed among at least two departments. Appropriate courses include:

ART 2051 - Impressionism to the Present
ART 2081 - Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Masters
HIS 2171 - French Revolution and Napoleon
HIS 2221 - France 1814-1914
PHL 2781 - French Existentialism
POL 2311-2321 - Politics in Western Europe (when France is the country)

The French Minor

The completion of a French minor requires taking six courses at the 1300 level and above. For additional information, please contact Dr. Kristin Burr.


FRE 1011 - First-Year French I
FRE 1021 - First-Year French II
FRE 1031 - First-Year French III
FRE 1211 - Second-Year French I
FRE 1221 - Second-Year French II
FRE 1301 - Le Français Intensif (offered only in Strasbourg)
FRE 1311 - Conversation and Composition I
FRE 1321 - Conversation and Composition II
FRE 1331 - Selections in French Literature I
FRE 1341 - Selections in French Literature II
FRE 1351 - French for Business
FRE 2011 - French Applied Linguistics
FRE 2021 - Advanced Conversation and Composition (offered only in Strasbourg)
FRE 2031 - Advanced French Composition & Stylistics
FRE 2041 - History of the French Language
FRE 2051 - French Theater in Practice
FRE 2101 - The French Novel
FRE 2111 - French Poetry
FRE 2121 - Telling Tales: Short Narratives in Francophone Literature
FRE 2151 - The French Essay
FRE 2181 - Realism and Naturalism
FRE 2191 - Major French Authors
FRE 2201 - Medieval French Literature
FRE 2211 - French Women Writers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
FRE 2301 - The Age of Louis XIV
FRE 2401 - French Romanticism
FRE 2501 - 20th Century French Theater to the Present
FRE 2511 - Surrealism
FRE 2601 - French Civilization and Culture
FRE 2611 - Francophone Press
FRE 2621 - Contemporary Francophone Cinema
FRE 2631 - Economic and Business French
FRE 2931 - Directed Readings in French I
FRE 2941 - Directed Readings in French II
FRE 2953 - Honors Readings and Research in French I
FRE 2963 - Honors Readings and Research in French II
FRE 1371 - 1381 Course(s) taken abroad
FRE 2711 - 2721 Course(s) taken abroad