College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Mathematics

M.S. in Mathematics Education (without certification)
Program Description

The MS in Mathematics Education program provides students with content and pedagogical knowledge to enhance their ability to be effective teachers of mathematics at the secondary level. This program is intended for practicing teachers who already have or do not need certification. Successful students will deepen their understanding of the mathematics needed for teaching and improve their ability to reflect productively on their teaching practice.

Admission Requirements and Procedures

Applicants should have some undergraduate course work in mathematics including two semesters of Calculus.  Students without sufficient mathematics background may be required to take undergraduate mathematics classes (either at SJU or elsewhere) before being fully admitted to the program.

Applicants should also have secondary mathematics teaching certification or significant classroom experience.

Applicants should complete the standard on-line admissions application for Graduate Arts and Sciences.  Transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work, two letters of professional recommendation, a resume and a personal statement are required. 

Program Structure and Curriculum

Students are required to complete 30 credits; usually 10 3-credit courses. Students must complete at least 6 credits (2 courses) from the list of MED Content Courses and at least 6 credits (2 courses) from the list of MED Pedagogy Courses. The remaining 18 credits (6 courses) may be any combination of any MED courses. In addition, up to 6 of the 18 credits (2 of the 6 courses) may be graduate courses taken in Teacher Education (EDU), Special Education (SPE) or Educational Leadership (EDL) with permission of the program director.

MED Content Courses

MED 551 History of Mathematics (offered fall of odd years)
MED 552 Number Theory (offered fall of even years)
MED 553 Discrete Structures (offered spring of odd years)
MED 554 Geometry (offered fall of even years)
MED 555 Probability and Statistics (offered fall of odd years)
MED 556 Linear Algebra (offered summer of even years)
MED 557 Modern Algebra (offered summer of odd years)
MED 559 Mathematical Problem Solving (offered spring of even years)
MED 604 Advanced Perspectives on Secondary Mathematics
MED 605 Interdisciplinary Science and Mathematics Education
MED 771 Topics in Mathematics

MED Pedagogy Courses

MED 601 Communication and Technology in Mathematics
MED 602 Secondary Mathematics Curriculum
MED 603 Assessment in Secondary Mathematics
MED 611 Advanced Methodology of Teaching School Geometry
MED 612 Mathematics Teaching:Discovering Effective Practices
MED 770 Topics in Mathematics Education