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Linguistics Program

Linguistics Curriculum

SJU offers a Minor in Linguistics that requires LIN 2201 and any additional 5 courses listed below. Several of these courses are cross-listed with courses in other departments and can also fulfill GER requirements or requirements in those departments.  LIN 2201 counts as an Art/Lit GER.  Linguistics classes are taught in either English or Spanish.

Note: If you have taken some of these courses for a major or minor in one of the language programs (e.g., Spanish or French), you may “double-dip” up to 3 courses (i.e., 3 SPA courses can count for a major or minor in Spanish as well as for a Linguistics minor:

Taught in English:
LIN 2201     Introduction to Linguistics
LIN 2211     Sociolinguistics (*SOC)
LIN 2351     Language and Culture
LIN 2881     Language and Meaning (*PHL)
LIN 2xxx      Logic (*PHL)
LIN 2361     Discourse, Style and Presupposition
LIN 2151     History of the English Language (*ENG)
LIN 2371     Linguistic Topics in Education: Contexts of Discourse (*EDU)
LIN 2691     Topics in Linguistics (check semester course listings for current topic)
LIN 2911     Directed Topics in Linguistics (topic varies)
LIN 2971     Course(s) Taken Abroad

*Course is cross-listed with this department.

Taught in Spanish:
SPA 2611    Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
SPA 2161    Advanced Spanish Grammar
SPA 2181    Translation
SPA 2621    A Linguistic Approach to Oral Communication: Analysis & Practice
SPA 2631    Methods for Teaching Spanish
SPA 2651    Spanish Dialectology
SPA 2661    Language Contact and Politics in the U.S.
SPA 2671    Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
SPA 2691    Topics in Spanish Linguistics (check semester course listings for current topic)

Taught in French, German or Italian:
xxx  2931      Directed Readings (please consult faculty in these programs)

Who should I talk to about a minor in Linguistics?
Dr. Jennifer Ewald, BE 330B, *1864,
Dr. Elaine Shenk, BE 330A, *1849,