College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies program offers students two options for acquiring a multi-disciplinary understanding of the region and its peoples: the Minor and the Certificate. Students should consult the Program Director, Dr. Heather Hennes, to assess which option is appropriate.

Students complete the Minor in Latin American Studies with six courses. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the program, courses from at least three participating departments must be represented among the six courses completed.  Students can meet the program’s modern language proficiency requirement by completing two relevant courses from the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, or by examination.

Students complete the Certificate in Latin American Studies with nine courses. In this track, the study of language and literature is emphasized.  Students must complete four appropriate courses from the Department of Modern and Classical Languages. Five additional courses from participating departments must also be completed.

Recent course offerings have included the following:

Economic Development
Education and the Jesuit Mission in Latin America (study tour to Bolivia)
Latin American – U.S. Migration
Social Protest in Latin American History
Historical Introduction to Latin America
Current Events in the Spanish-Language Media
Río de la Plata: Study Tour (travel to Uruguay and Argentina)
Faith, Justice and Spanish-Speaking Communities (service learning)
Culture, Dictatorship and Exile in the Latin American Southern Cone 1973-85
Commonplaces of Colonial Experiences
Spanish Dialectology
Language Contact and Politics in the U.S.
Just Health Care in Developing Nations (study tour to the Dominican Republic or to Cuba)
Liberation and Political Theologies
Faith Justice and the Jesuit Mission in Bolivia (study tour to Bolivia)

If you would like to learn more about the minor or certificate in Latin American Studies, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Heather Hennes. Note that in order to declare a minor, it is necessary to submit the appropriate forms to the Office of the Registrar. The Program Director will assist you with this and will be happy to answer any of your other questions.