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Department of History


Graduation Requirements for the History Major

Saint Joseph’s University students who major in History must complete forty courses in order to graduate

  • History Majors must complete the General Education Program (GEP).  Details regarding the GEP may be accessed by clicking here.
  • The History Major requires that students complete the Social/Behavioral Sciences Component of the GEP with a course in Political Science.
  • History majors must complete twelve History courses (in addition to HIS 154) including:
  • HIS 201 and 202 (Historical Introduction to the United State I and II).  Students who achieve a score of 4 of 5 on the Advanced Placement Test in U.S. History will receive credit for these two courses.
  • at least one upper division course in U.S. history, one upper division course in European history, and one upper division course in history that does not focus on the United States or Europe.
  • at least two upper-division courses that focus on a time period prior to 1800 CE.  A current list of such courses may be located by clicking here.
  • at least two research seminars (HIS 460-479), ideally one in the junior year and one in the senior year.  A senior Honors thesis may substitute for the seminars.
  • The History Major allows students at least ten free electives among the forty courses required to graduate.

Curriculum Planning Documents for History Majors:
A list of options for completing the GEP Integrated Learning Component for History Majors is available by clicking here.
Students interested in the History major can click here to access a useful “History Major’s Checklist and Model Program.”
Students interested in the dual major in History and Secondary Education can click here to access a useful checklist and model program for this option.

Requirements for the History Minor
The minor in history requires completion of HIS 201-202 and any additional four courses numbered HIS 203 or higher.