Graduate Arts and Sciences Tuition and Fees
Graduate Arts and Sciences Tuition and Fees

2014-2015 Academic Year

Per Credit Graduate Art & Science Programs
$813 Graduate Art & Sciences (includes on campus and online)
$697 Graduate Catholic Education & Leadership
$889 Graduate Computer Science
$697* Graduate Education
$44 Graduate Nurse Anesthesiology (Per credit fee for clinical course work)
$889 Graduate Psychology
$813 Graduate Theology
$953 Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program
General Fees
$50 Advanced Sciences (Per Course)
$250 Biology Lab Fee (Per Course)
$50 Computer Science Fee (Per Course)
$150 Graduate Psychology Lab Fee (Per Semester)
$50 Mathematics Fee (Designated Courses)
$250 Electron Microscopy Fee
$100 Educational Field Experience
$100 Student Teaching lab Fee (Per Lab)


*The Education Tuition Rate applies only to students pursuing Master's degrees in the following programs: Teacher Education, Educational Leadership, Reading Specialist, Special Education, Math Education, and the five year BS/MS programs in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. If you would like a more comprehensive list, please visit our Knowledge Base for Tuition, Fees, Room, and Board for 2014-15

Tuition, Fees, Room and Board are subject to change by the Saint Joseph's University Board of Trustees.