"Faith and Culture in Critical Conversation"

Since its founding in 1851, Saint Joseph’s University has prepared men and women to be persons “with and for others” by encouraging them to contribute their learning and ambitions to the common good. The nature of the Jesuit tradition is active, always seeking to integrate academic scholarship with real-world issues in contemporary society and culture.

The Master of Arts in Theology and Society program offers a thoughtful and supportive educational environment in which to study a range of theological disciplines, while also engaging in conversation with the questions and needs of American and global society. This interaction between Catholic and other Christian traditions, on the one hand, and contemporary culture, on the other, will inform both professional and volunteer work in church, school, service, or marketplace contexts. The program puts "Faith and Culture in Critical Conversation" with one another.

Courses in biblical studies, systematic theology, interreligious relations, historical theology, and ethics are designed to interrelate and to offer a dynamic dialogue with the challenges of our world.

Applicants should have a background in theology or religious studies, such as undergraduate coursework, diocesan ministerial certification, ministry training, or related experience and study.


Download the M.A. in Theology and Society brochure here.


Students who are new to the fields of theology or religious studies may be allowed to compensate by taking additional coursework. The program attracts students from diverse backgrounds, careers, and personal interests to form an active learning community. Our world-class, full-time faculty guides immersion in the historical and contemporary dialogue between the Church and culture, and promotes the advancement of human dignity and social justice.

Whether you plan to teach, serve in ministry, advocate for human rights, contribute to theological research and writing, or simply wish to have the rich legacy of the Christian tradition inform your daily activities, this holistic theological program is designed for you. We encourage you to visit Saint Joseph’s University and to meet with faculty to discuss your personal objectives.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact:

Dr. Millicent Feske, Program Director, M.A. in Theology & Society
Department of Theology and Religious Studies
Saint Joseph's University
5600 City Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Phone: 610-660-1866 or 610-660-1850
Email: mfeske@sju.edu