Course Requirements and Curriculum

The Saint Joseph's University Post Master's in Behavior Analysis will operate on a cohort model. A copy of the BA course rotation is available here. Students in the campus-based post master's certificate program may only start in the fall semester and must follow the courses in rotation.

All six required.

CRJ 622 Basic Principles of Behavior Analysis

CRJ 623 Applied Behavior Analysis

CRJ 624 Behavior Analysis: Consultation for Criminal Justice Personnel

CRJ 625 Behavioral Development

CRJ 626 Clinical Behavior Analysis

CRJ 657 Ethics in Behavior Analysis


CRJ 790 Internship in Behavior Analysis I

CRJ 791 Internship in Behavior Analysis II

CRJ 792 Internship in Behavior Analysis III

The behavior analysis concentration of courses is approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) as meeting the coursework requirements for eligibility for their certification examination. The Saint Joseph’s University program also contains most content elements necessary for Pennsylvania practitioners seeking Behavior Specialist Licensure in the state of Pennsylvania.


National certification is offered by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).  The BACB is responsible for certifying training programs and administering the certification examination.  Saint Joseph’s University’s Behavior Analysis programs are approved by the BACB as meeting the coursework and practicum requirements for eligibility to take the certification examination. (See for more details.)


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has instituted a Behavior Specialist License for professionals who work with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and who seek compensation for their services via insurance and Medical Assistance. The Saint Joseph’s University Applied Behavior Analysis program can verify content hours toward this license.  The amount of content hours awarded will vary by student depending upon the coursework completed by the student.
Internship and Practicum Requirements
Saint Joseph’s University does not require Applied Behavior Analysis students to complete an internship or practicum for the awarding of a degree or certificate. If the student wishes to pursue licensure or BACB Certification skill experience/internship is required. (Go to: and/or for details.)

The Saint Joseph’s university Behavior Analysis programs offer an approved BACB Intensive Practicum Program containing 750 Hours of student identified field practicement and supervision.  Over the three internship courses the on-campus or online student will attend a practicum site, fulfill course requirements, and also attend a class which meets weekly.

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