Organization Development and Leadership

Adult Learning and Training (ALT)

The Adult Learning and Training concentration strengthens the ability of adult educators, facilitators, consultants, change agents, e-learning professionals, program designers, health education professionals and talent managers. This program is also geared to students wanting to get an overall background in the field of organizational development. Students will develop skills in designing and facilitating learning solutions in corporations and non-profit training, human resources and talent management departments and consulting firms.

The curriculum consists of 12 three-credit courses. The 36 credits are distributed as:

 Foundation Courses  4 Courses/12 Credits
 Electives  4 Courses/12 Credits
 Advanced Courses  4 Courses/12 Credits

Foundation Courses (4 required courses)

ODL   600                 Adult Learning: Theory and Application
ODL   605                 Performance Consulting
ODL   610                 Adult Learning Methods
ODL   615                 Learning Design and Implementation


Elective courses (6 elective courses required, choose from list below)

ODL   630                 Leadership and Team Development       
ODL   640                 Training and OD in Modern Organizations
ODL   642                 Facilitating Adult Learning
ODL   644                 Leadership Development: Methods for Training        
ODL   645                 Leadership Principles
ODL   646                 Career Development: Theory and Practice
ODL   648                 Conflict and Negotiation
ODL   665                 Leading Teams
ODL   668                 Social Media and Learning 
ODL   675                 Implementing Change
ODL   680                 Coaching and Mentoring Skills
ODL   690                 Creative Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills
ODL   690                 Creative Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills
ODL   695                 Organization Consulting: A Gestalt Approach
EDU   655                 Interpersonal Relations
HED   576                 Stress and Crisis Management


Advanced Courses (4 required courses)

ODL   700                 Organization Development: Theory and Application
ODL   710                 Intervention Skills: Strategy and Design
ODL   780                 Research Design and Evaluation
ODL   785                 Advanced Seminar

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