Degree Requirements and Curriculum

Degree Requirements (51 credits)

To earn the Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia degree, students must satisfactorily complete fifty-one credits. Eighteen of these credits are taken at Saint Joseph’s University and thirty-three at the Hospital School.


I. Core Courses (offered at Nazareth Hospital) (33 credits)
All students are required to take Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology in Anesthesia I & II, Chemistry and Physics I & II, Advanced Pharmacology I and II, Orientation to the Study and Practice of Anesthesia, Advanced Principles of Practice, Advanced Health / Physical Assessment / Clinical Practice, and Senior Evidence-Based Practice Presentation.

II. Saint Joseph’s University Courses (18 credits)
Students are also required to take Health Services Research, Ethics of Health Care, and Health Care Law, plus any three of the following: Health Administration, Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability, Managed Health Care, Program Planning for Wellness, Epidemiology and Community Health, Curriculum Strategies for Health Educators, Stress and Crisis Management, and Addictions.

Core Courses (offered at Nazareth Hospital)
GRA 500 (4005) Orientation to the Study and Practice of Anesthesia
GRA 510 (3505) Anatomy/Physiology/Pathophysiology in Anesthesia I
GRA 520 (4105) Anatomy/Physiology/Pathophysiology in Anesthesia II
GRA 530 (3515) Chemistry and Physics I
GRA 540 (4155) Chemistry and Physics of Anesthesia II and III
GRA 550 (3525) Pharmacology I
GRA 560 (4185) Pharmacology II
GRA 600 (4305) Advanced Principles of Practice
GRA 700 (4995) Clinical Practicum
GRA 710 (4365) Thesis Presentation 

Saint Joseph’s University Courses
HSV 550 Health Services Research (HAD/HED 4025)
HAD 554 (4655) Health Care Law
HAD 600 (4745) Ethics of Health Care

Plus any three of the following:

HSV 551 Managed Health Care (HAD 4765)
HAD 552 (4605) Health Administration
HED 552 (4805) Epidemiology and Community Health
HED 553 (4775) Program Planning for Wellness
HED 554 (4845) Curriculum Strategies for Health Educators
HAD 570 (4625) Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability
HED 575 (4855) Stress and Crisis Management
HED 576 (4885) Addictions