Post-Master’s Certificate in Health Education

Program Description

Students who have earned a Master's degree in a field other than Health Education may receive a Post-Master's Certificate upon successful completion of eighteen credits (six courses).

        HED    551                Mapping for Health Research, Planning, Policy Development and Marketing

        HED    552                Epidemiology and Community Health

        HED    553                Program Planning for Wellness

        HED    554                Curriculum Strategies for Health Educators (Prerequisite: HED 553)

(Two of the following)

        HED    571                Employee Assistance and Occupational Health

        HED    577                Health Education in HIV/AIDS

        HAD    570                Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability

        HED    572                Concepts of Mental Health

        HED    573                Women and Health Care

        HED    575                Stress and Crisis Management

        HED    579                Behavioral Health of Children and Youth

        HED    561                Human Sexuality

        HED    770                Special Topics in Health Education

        HED    601                Field Work in Health Education


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Health Education Post Master's Certificate