Peter A. Clark, S.J., Ph.D.

Professor of Theology and Director Institute of Catholic Bioethics

The goal of the Master of Arts in Health Care Ethics is to offer a distinctive multidisciplinary program of studies to prepare individuals for the complex and growing field of biomedical ethics. The program seeks to encourage learning and thinking from an interdisciplinary perspective and to foster a critical analysis of bioethical topics through the interplay between moral theory and medical practice. There is a real need and demand in the Philadelphia area for professional training in health care ethics. The Master of Arts in Health Care Ethics would address both the need and demand in both Catholic hospitals and secular hospitals.

Lauren Vasta

Institute of Catholic Bioethics Fellow, 2nd year Medical Student, Georgetown University School of Medicine

Being a part of the Institute as a fellow allowed me to delve deeply into the realm of Bioethics and the impact of Medical Ethics in the world of healthcare. I quickly learned that the people in the clinic and the hospital are not just patients seen on isolated visits. They are individuals with families, personal goals, hopes, beliefs and desires. I have discovered the importance of upholding the ethical principles in all aspects of medicine from visiting patients to interacting with my classmates. The study of Bioethics instilled in me an invaluable appreciation for medicine and has provided me with an integral system of knowledge and ideals that do and will make me a more compassionate physician and better person.

Luke Surry

Institute of Catholic Bioethics Fellow 2nd year Medical Student, Georgetown University School of Medicine

The background I received in bioethics has been an invaluable asset to me well into the second year of my medical education. The exposure to important ethical and legal issues concerning biomedical research and clinical medicine has provided me with a unique breadth and depth of humanities-oriented knowledge that complements my pre-clinical basic science training very well.